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Before we can get started we need to agree.

Here are some things that you need to know before we can start your Project.

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Clear goals set

To have a clear picture of what your project needs to achieve, firstly you need clear goals to aim for. Your goals are the targets that the project is aimed at. Olympic gold medals in shooting are never won by randomly firing without set targets. 

Successful web-based marketing never wins gold without having set goals to aim for. After all, if you don’t know the goals how will you know when you have hit them? 

You need to either know your goals or be prepared to dedicate the time required to work with us to set these targets. 

We are more than willing to help out with this, Hit us up and we can set up a discovery meeting to help you arrive at the appropriate places. 

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Have the passion

We Believe in honesty and transparency so we are not going to try and fool you.

 Building an online audience to increase visitors to a website and increase your conversion rate is hard work. A true passion for the project is the food that will fuel both you and our team through the low times as we travel together towards the goals set.

 If you don’t feel the passion then we would advise you not to begin the journey.

 But if you have the passion that equals ours together we can develop a design and process to deliver the outcomes you dream of.

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Know your budget

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for with websites too. 

Investing the right amount into a project has a direct relationship to the results realised over time. 

If the goals you have set are really important and the passion is great to succeed, then it makes little sense to attempt great things without the financial investment required to complete the project to it’s highest standards. 

A valued result is achieved by many types of investment and money is surely one of those investments. We don’t expect you to sell your house or cash in your super but you will need to consider the costs involved as an investment in your future and that of your business. 

If what you are looking for is a dated, static website with minimal lead generation and low conversion rates then we recommend a “D.I.Y.” build on one of the free opensource platform content management systems like Wix. 

We build successful, energetic websites that achieve a high level of results and give the visitors a great user experience while educating and informing them about the services and products you supply. We design, develop and deliver websites that grow search engine visibility and create lead generating functionality to raise conversion rates and ultimately sales figures over the long term. 

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Grow your audience

To gain a successful digital presence on the internet takes more than just an active, well-designed website. It takes more than one element to form a complete marketing strategy. 

For your website to be the anchor, the final destination, from which high conversion rates can be achieved, a multi-layered lead generating process needs to be in place. 

This is where “growing your audience” comes to the fore.  To be able to position yourself as a market leader in your industry you require an audience through such things as blogs, interviews, networking, social media and self-promotional media. This is a must to generate new customers online. 

This, at face value, seems a daunting prospect for most of us when viewed in its entirety. But if you are willing to put in the effort and take professional guidance from our team here at Arrested, we can help you achieve positive progress in all these areas. 

We just need you to work with us and we can grow this aspect of your project together as a team. 

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Plan the time

Experience teaches us that any worthwhile project requires dedicated time to complete it well. When we take on your project we will schedule the required time needed to complete your project to the high standard that we need to achieve in order to get the results you have asked for.

This goes both ways. We cannot achieve our timelines if you have not set aside enough time to deliver to us what is required to complete your project. These can be such things as colour schemes or custom images and content.

We can assist with all of these but be aware that the more we have to do, the higher your financial investment will need to be. So we offer you the choice to supply us with some of the components required. This way you are able to reduce your monitory investment and replace it with an investment in time.

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Are you ready to make a start with us?

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If you are not excited and don’t feel that we are the right fit for you and your project, no hard feelings and we wish you all the best in the future.

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