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About Arrested Graphics & Web Solutions

General Information


We are a Queensland Based Specialist Consultancy for Web Design, Solutions, Hosting and Digital Marketing. Arrested is extremely proud to be able to state that all of the work undertaken by us is wholly based within Australia. We do not outsource any work overseas. In fact, more than 95% of our work is undertaken here, on the Sunshine Coast. Therefore, doing all that we can to support Australian businesses and family.

Our beginnings

Originally founded in 2002, we began operation in the Signage field and progressed on through Graphic and Web Design. All the while, increasing our “fields of training and experience” until we morphed into the successful Specialist Premium Consultancy Agency that exists today.

Our team

Arrested operates with a small  tightly knit professional team based on the Sunshine Coast. This core team manages most of the tasks and operations of our business.

Where other specialized skills are required we reach out to our associates slightly further afield.

PHP develeopment is taken care of by our experienced developer based in Dubbo NSW while custom SEO copywriting is done by our associates in Sydney.

Our dedicated secure servers are housed in a secure location in Melbourne.

Our point of difference

While most in our industry outsource such tasks as technical support and marketing and even accounts to support centres around the globe, we have chosen to keep all of this in-house here in our Sunshine Coast offices.

This means that when you contact us either by phone or email your contact will always be with our dedicated project managers here on the Sunshine Coast.

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