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Arrested Graphics & Web Solutions offer a large range of Specialist Services.
Below you find but a few of them.

Services we offer our Clients

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Web Design

An engaging well converting website can be the core element in any business growth across multiple industries.
Here at Arrested we put in the time that is required to achieve the results our clients deserve.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the 21 century version on television and newpaper advertising. A well structured automated digital marketing campaign can result in massive increases in conversion rates and money on the bottom line.

Client Care Plans

Most people wouldn’t spend their money on a high performance sports car and then never bother to have it serviced. The result would be a loss in both performance and value. Websites need constent care to maximize performance too.

Web Hosting

Choosing a web host is similar to choosing where you would like to live. Arrested offers secure and reliable web hosting based right here in Australia. With a guaranteed 99.5% uptime, our clients are always confident that their websites are safe and secure.

Animated Videos

Motion and movement to catch the eye is often the edge your promotion needs to leverage visitor engagement and conversion for marketing across multiple platforms. We can produce animated logos and promotional videos and help you stand out.

Graphic Design

Graphic design reaches across many different sectors. It is the process of visual communication through the use of type, space and image. Arrested can provide vivid graphics for use in print, web design as well as offering a full professional printing service.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Policy or GDPR for short, is an international requirement stretching around the globe. Wherever you have an internet presence this policy can effect you and your website visitors. Penalties can be huge but can also be easily avoided too.

Web Auditing

A complete website audit is often the first step in streamlining your users experience when visiting your website. Website audits are a great way to analyse the multitude of complexities hidden under the bonnet in every website. We can help with this.


With the majority of people searching for websites on mobile devices, it is important that your website downloads quickly without drawing huge amounts of bandwidth and eating up visitors data limits. We has the ability to strip away the unnecessary to achieve this.