Frequently Asked Questions

To save you time and to answer the most commonly asked questions we have put together below, some answers just for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi friend, We Learn so that you Know

The crew here at Arrested dedicate time each and every week for “study” and “research”. With the digital world moving at hyper speeds the methods and processes are always changing. We spend time researching and learning all we can to stay ahead of the learning curve.

Here, on this page, we try and supply a quick reference to answer the commonly asked questions. Saving you time is just one of the great services we offer not only our vlients but to everyone who asks.


Yes, we sure do! We all work here on the Sunshine Coast. We do all our projects from here. That includes not only the web design but the build, care and maintenance too. Here’s a link to our Web Design page for more info…

Everything we do we do here in Australia. We don’t send work overseas at all. about 95% of the tasks are done here on the Sunshine Coast. The other 5% is done in regional New South Wales and the servers that house our sites as well as our clients are based in Victoria. You can find out more about us on our “About” page.

We can help you with all areas of design. Right from designing a logo and business branding right through to implementation. We can arrange printing of business requirements, like business cards and brochures. We do signage of all types including vehicle wrapping too. We offer a wide range of services. Visit our “Services” page.

What a great question. Ever time somebody dials our number they get to speak to a real human. We do not use either computerized call answering software or call centres. You get a real Aussie every single time. Visit our “Contact” page for all our contact info.

Only if you want to be found on search engines like Google. The algorithms used by Google have come a long way especially in the last couple of years which makes it even more necessary for your website to make use of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Yes we can. Check out our “Secure Web Hosting” link on our Services page for all the details

There are many ways to help your site’s search engine optimization but regular posts with good content certainly do help. Why not subscribe to our blogs where we often give out free info about positive blogging? We try to write blogs as often as we can. Check them out right “Here“.

That’s a great question. While there are some CMS’ out there that are over-controlling and limit what you, as a client can do, CMS’ like WordPress is truly awesome. More than 30% of the world’s websites are held on the WordPress Platform. Some of them are owned by huge multi-national corporations.

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